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Best Starting Region Guide – Crusader Kings 3

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In the grand tapestry of medieval dynasties and political intrigue, Crusader Kings 3 reigns supreme as a strategy game that allows players to shape the destiny of their noble house. As you embark on your journey through the annals of history, selecting the right starting region can make all the difference in your quest for power, wealth, and influence.


In this guide, we will explore the best region to kickstart your Crusader Kings 3 adventure, each offering a unique set of challenges and opportunities that will test your mettle as a ruler. Whether you're seeking to build a mighty empire, engage in intricate court politics, or survive turbulent times, these handpicked regions will set you on the path to success.

The basic version of the game is available on Steam, along with its many DLCs. The publisher of the game, Paradox Interactive, has frequent sales, so I suggest you follow them on Steam and get the game and all of its DLCs during the sale. Discounts are amazing, going as much as 75% off.

A Humble Beginning

Once you start a new game, you will be presented with several predefined scenarios you can play (tutorial included). Scenarios can vary based on what DLCs you own. You will also be able to select a year when the game will start, and this is where I will start this guide.

Select Region

You can choose two periods to start your game; one where the game starts in the year 867 AD and one where the game starts in the year 1066 AD. I prefer 867 AD, as I don't want to be deprived of 200 years of gameplay.
Once you select the starting year, you can either select one of the predefined scenarios or create your ruler. And this is where your legacy begins if you opt to create your own. This will allow you to create your own character, who will also be a forefather of your dynasty.
Crusader Kings 3 Best Region Guide - Create a Ruler
This is where everything begins.
On the next screen, you can select the region where you will start your saga. The game allows you to choose any county in Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, or Asia. You can also decide whether to play as an emperor (empire), a king (kingdom), a duke (dutchy), or a count (county). The options are countless here. I was a bit biased towards Europe when I was writing this guide, and since Europe (Croatia) is where I live, please don't hold it against me. But still, to help you out, I will list my personal favorites:

Easy Start - Earldom of Thomond

Located in the south of Ireland, the Earldom of Thomond consists of two counties; Thomond and Ennis.
Crusader Kings 3 Best Region Guide - Easy Start
Earldom of Thomond

Having two counties here initially will give you an excellent military advantage over your neighbors. You will have considerably more men than your first neighbor, the Earldom of Desmond, which should be your first target. Once you conquer the Earldom of Desmond, you can create the Duchy of Munster, giving you an even more significant advantage.

If you are fast and the events in the game are in your favor, you can quickly conquer the earldoms of Ormond, Ossory, Leinster, Meath, and Breifne or Ui Mhaine. This will give you enough counties (duchies) to form the Kingdom of Ireland. And once you have the Kingdom, those Vikings up north are doomed!

Earldom of Thomond - Pros

  • Fast expansion
  • Little resources required
  • Huge chance to form a kingdom during the reign of your first ruler

Best Start - Judicadu of Cagliari

Judicadu of Cagliari is located on the island of Sardinia in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of three counties: Cagliari, Arborea, and Tortoli.
Crusader Kings 3 Best Region Guide - Best Start
Judicadu of Cagliari

Having three counties here, to begin with, will give you a military advantage over your first neighbor, Judicadu of Gallura. You will also have the option of creating the Archonate of Sardinia (duchy) right away, though a considerable amount of money is required for that, so you will have to wait a bit. You can claim either the county of Gallura or Logudoro, both ruled by your neighbor. Conquering both of those counties should be your primary goal here.

What you will do next is also why I choose Cagliari as the best region to start; several multiple choices, all leading to an ultimate goal; the Kingdom of Baleo-Tyrrhenia! With it, you will be filthy rich, have a massive army, and have an advantage over everyone surrounding you. Having the Kingdom of Baleo-Tyrrhenia will allow you to make a special Secure The Mediterranean decision. This will give your house an exceptional modifier (trait) called Controlling the Mediterranean, which will give you the option of attacking any county on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea without a valid cause (Casus Belli). The empire of Italia will be yours!

Judicadu of Cagliary - Pros

  • You are on the island, which nobody cares about at the beginning
  • Sardinia can be conquered pretty quickly
  • Since nobody cares about you, you can spend money to fortify the whole island and build a respectable army.
  • Curadoria of Iglesias (barony) is inside the county of Cagliari, which has a unique building modifier called Argentiera Mine.
  • Argentiera Mine has four upgrade stages, each bringing more and more money into your pockets.
  • Your might will have no limits once you declare the Kingdom of Baleo-Tyrrhenia.

Alternative Best - County of Aachen

The county of Aachen is located in the west of Germany. It is the center of what has always been one of the wealthiest and most prosperous regions in Germany; the Rheinland. Nowadays, it is considered to be a part of the European "golden triangle", the most prosperous and industrialized region of Europe. At the beginning of the game, it consists of two counties, Aachen and Maastricht.
Crusader Kings 3 Best Region Guide - Alternative Best
County of Aachen

Having two counties here initially will not bring you an advantage over your neighbors. They are either stronger than you or similar in military power. Your advantage here is a character with good traits (I will explain how to create one in another guide). Also, the county of Aachen has a special building at the beginning of the game; the Palace of Aachen. A nice amount of money is also your advantage here.

By creating a good character here who excels in any of the four main lifestyles (Diplomacy, Martial, Stewardship, or Intrigue), you have an excellent chance to be chosen in your lieges council (the county of Aachen is part of the Kingdom of Lotharingia, and you are a vassal). I prefer Martial or Stewardship over others here, as one will give you a financial boost (more money) and the other a military boost (more men) if you are selected for the council.

With all that, you will have enough power and wealth to quickly expand your castles and armies. Once you have a large enough army, you can claim the County of Cleves. This will allow you to create the Duchy of Jülich, giving you even more bonuses. From here on, your goal should be claiming all the counties which are part of the Kingdom of Frisia.

County of Aachen - Pros

  • The Palace of Aachen will give you a prestige boost right away.
  • The region of Aachen (Rheinland) has a high development growth score.
  • By quickly securing the county of Cologne, you can build a special Cologne Cathedral building, which will give you a massive boost/bonus.

Pain Pain Pain - Lordship of Ceredigion

My last pick is the Lordship of Ceredigion. I do not recommend this one to someone new to this game. It's pretty challenging even for more experienced players, but you should try if you like the challenge. In the beginning, along with the Lordship of Ceredigion, you will also hold the Lordship of Sir Gaerfyrddin.
Crusader Kings 3 Best Region Guide - Pain Pain Pain
Lordship of Ceredigion

You will have more men at arms than your neighbors (Dyfed, Brycheiniog, Morgannwg, and Gwent), so I suggest you start with the conquest as early as possible. With those under your domain, you are on a good path to forming the Kingdom of Wales. And this is where good things about this starting region stop.

As for not-so-good things, there are a few... and they are really not good. You are the neighbor to the Principality of Gwynedd, and the ruler there also wants the Kingdom of Wales. So yeah, expect him to attack you very early in the game. You're also very close to England's three petty kingdoms: the Wessex, Mercia, and Northumbria, which also aspire to expand in your direction. Across the Irish Sea is, of course, Ireland, which is mostly tribal, so expect heavy raids to your territory from that direction. On top of everything, you're in the middle of the Viking conquest of the British Isles, and they will molest you constantly.

As for the development, lands around you are heavily underdeveloped and poor, so making money will be a struggle deep into the game. It doesn't look good, right? Still, you can come over the top, but it will take much more time and effort than with the other suggested regions in this guide. Patience and good strategic decisions are the key here.

Lordship of Ceredigion - Pros

  • The only advantage you have here is having a bit more army than your closest neighbors.
  • Moderate chance to form a kingdom during the reign of your first ruler.
And that is it. I hope you like my picks. Please feel free to suggest yours in the comment section below. I would like to hear all about them. Thank you for reading.

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