About us

Hello and welcome to Zack’s – an online collection of articles dedicated to open source technologies, system administration, food, and booze. Here you will find some general information about us, along with some tips on how we do things here. We hope you enjoy your time spent here and thank you very much for your visit.

Zack’s History

This blog has been around and more or less online since 2012. In the beginning, it was more of a note-to-self or scrapbook for Željko Jagušt – Zack, the original author. With time it took a stronger online magazine style and direction. But, the idea behind it was always to spread the knowledge free and unselfishly. Why? Well, knowledge was always collective and not individual, right? When we analyze ourselves and how much we know… it’s not much. Unless you’re a genius 🙂 So why not share what we know in the hope that some of you, our dear readers, will do the same.

If you would like to share your knowledge with us, please check our Contact page for more info.

About our content

We will always strive to give you fresh and accurate content. If we miss something, or you notice incorrect information, please do share your discovery with us. We will be more than happy to correct our mistakes and credit you as an author.

Regarding articles schedule and continuity, we will strive to at least give you one new article every week. You may consider that somewhat low, but please understand, all our authors have jobs, family, and their own free time which they can waste however they like 🙂 We highly appreciate their contribution and hope you do also.

When it comes to the themes we cover, you can figure them from our logo. Occasionally we (the authors) may give ourselves the freedom to strain a bit from the standard topics, and just give you “our view of the world”. Don’t worry, we promise this won’t be often.

Give credit where credit is due

We are not credit takers. We guarantee that we are the authors of every article on this website, but if we know of a good article, link, piece of software… let’s just call them tips, we will make sure to share them with you.

Our Platform

“What tools do you use?” There was a Seinfeld episode where he did a sketch on how grown men, as soon as they hear or see some other men working, immediately have to know what that “other man” is working on, what tools does he use, and so on. For some reason unknown, “what tools do you use” is a question pretty common to ask IT circles.

We just have to know all the components in your computer, what operating system are you on (this one is of utmost importance!!), do you prefer mechanical or membrane keyboards, and thousands of additional similar questions.

Well, to satisfy your curiosity my dear IT people 🙂 , here you can find a few “technical” details about this site:

  • The site is running on a Debian powered machine
  • Backend stack is completely open-source
  • Every image on this site was created/editet with free open-source software
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