Zack’s – Terms of Usage

We have a strict code of conduct here. In short, be polite, show respect and try to help others if you notice you can help. We will do the same.

Trolling, flaming, ranting, swearing… let’s say it’s allowed, but please try to not insult anyone. Everyone has a right to have an opinion, no matter if you agree with it or not. Yet, having an opinion doesn’t mean you actually know something, so please consider what you want to write before you actually write it 🙂

Commenting and Contact Forms Rules

For now, the only “interaction” options available for you on this site are article comments and contact forms. By commenting and/or using the contact form(s) you agree to abide by the following rules:

It is your right to say what you want and nobody can deny you that. But also, it is our right to “protect” our site from becoming a platform for spreading hate and intolerance.

You can sware. But please, if you must, try to keep it low. Personal insults, whether about the commenter, author or the site in general will not be tolerated. Such comments/messages will be removed in the shortest period possible by our moderators.

Try to help. This site is all about spreading knowledge and helping others, so please contribute if you notice you can. When you do, please do it selflessly, and don’t show off. Thank you!

Debate/banter is more than welcome. But please, keep them constructive and on topic. Personal insults, all-out attacks, and degrading comments are strictly prohibited and will be removed by our moderators.

What is not allowed

Any content that contains terms from the list below will be either held for moderation or removed immediately. Also, we are not obliged to answer any message(s) we may receive through the contact form(s) on this site, and which contain the same terms:

  • Religion – While we respect your religion and/or your religious views, any comment/message on the topic of religion will be removed. All discussion about religion and/or religious topics of any kind on this site is strictly prohibited and ends here.
  • Racial intolerance – we are all human, and segregation based on skin color is absolutely insane and strictly prohibited on this site.
  • Gender intolerance – and yes, transgender included. Again we are all human and have absolutely equal rights. All discussion/messages containing gender intolerance are strictly prohibited on this site.
  • Sexual intolerance – Homophobic, transphobic, or any other sexual orientation intolerance is strictly prohibited on this site.
  • Age intolerance – no prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age is allowed on this site.
  • Vice content – All discussion on vice content is strictly prohibited, including anything on heavy drugs, pornography, child pornography, animal cruelty, and similar. Alcohol is excluded, but with limitations.

Content restrictions

  • Links in messages/comments – You can share external links in messages/comments, but please be aware of the following; we have strict filters and tools in place and if your message or comment contains an external link(s), it will be held for moderation.
  • Keep comments on-topic – This helps discussion remain relevant and useful to our readers. Any comment highjacking, derailing from the topic, or any other topic irrelevant comments may be removed.

We reserve the right to delete or audit any inappropriate comments. While this is not a common practice, we also reserve the right to delete replies to deleted comments, or entire threads, or close the comment section for entire articles at any time to help maintain order.

These rules are non-negotiable and may be updated/altered at any time. Our Terms of Usage are always available at